A Weekend in Costume: Live from Megacon 2009

Day 1: February 27th

Savannah drove our car full of Megacon attendees from Tampa to Orlando while in costume, getting confused looks from fellow drivers and even stranger looks when we stopped to grab some gas and a bite to eat on the road. We arrived in Orlando, checked into our rooms at the Wyndham Orlando Resort and headed over to catch the last few hours of the Convention.

Leia Todaro (right) tries on a Belly-Dancing top, which she later buys, creating her own Belly-Dancer costume by the day's end.

Seeing double? Jonathan Carroll (left) and Danny Kelley (right) don their best "Man-of-Steel" costumes. Kelley even put in bright blue contacts for the occasion.

Brittany Newton shows some skin for her "Princess Leia" costume (left) while Carl Booth becomes "The Shadow."

Erin Pyne, President of the Orlando Harry Potter Fan Club, dressed as Ginny Weasley (left), while Corey Sutherland (right) plays "Looney Luna Lovegood" from the series, reciting lines from the books to create a more memorable character.

Francesca Machado (left) dresses as Zatanna, while Ashkin Dalke (right) becomes Batman's enemy, Poison Ivy.

Jim Gasser advertises his booth, "Barbarian Battles," a place where people can pay a few bucks to sword fight with foam weapons.

Allie McDonald (left) creates her own Anime character, while Brianna Uweyv (right) puts her own spin on Harley Quinn's costume.

Samantha Petrone set up her spot outside the main hall, letting people stop and take pictures of her as "The Little Mermaid."

Carl Montes turns himself into Captain Jack Sparrow, a character he's dressed as for previous conventions.

Ian Zetf took three months to construct his "Master Chief" costume from the "Halo" video game series.