A Weekend in Costume: Live from Megacon 2009

Day 3: March 1st

For the last day of the Convention, I dressed up once again as Lois Lane, finding it much easier to interview people in this costume than while fumbling for my notebook and camera dressed as Catwoman. By this point, I had resorted to wearing flip flops - since my feet had been heavily damaged after two days in boots and pumps - so I was referred to as "Lois Lane on vacation." I also took it upon myself to go "celeb-spotting." Nevertheless, it was an interesting day. Nearly everything in the Dealer Room was on clearance and people showed up for one last chance to dress up as their favorite character and show off their efforts.

Brent Thomas, dressed as "Roxxus" from the Kingdom Hearts video game, wields a keyblade he bought at the convention.

Brianna Uweyv, who had dressed up as Harley Quinn all weekend, decided to spend Sunday in an authentic Japanese kimono.

Robert Strickler dresses as "Link" from "The Legend of Zelda" video game.

Brian Parsley spent most of Sunday morning as Batman, play-fighting with people who had dressed up as infamous arch-enemies.

Brent Thomas waits patiently for the autograph of Richard Le Parmentier, aka Admiral Motti from "Star Wars: A New Hope," the man Darth Vader force-chokes toward the beginning of the film.