A Weekend in Costume: Live from Megacon 2009

Savannah's Transformation: Becoming Harley Quinn

Step 1: The Makeup Goes On

Leia Todaro helps Savannah Thomas apply the many layers of white grease-paint for her costume as Harley Quinn.

Savannah stops for a peek in the mirror to admire the progress being made and to make a few minor adjustments.

The makeup - the hardest part of the costume - is complete.

Step 2: Applying Bright Green Hair Color

Next, Leia  helps Savannah spray her hair a neon green color, a new twist on the original red & black Harley Quinn hairdo.

The Finished Product

Savannah dons her Harley Quinn costume - complete with red and black fishnet stockings - ties red and black felt decorations in her hair and puts on her choker.