A Weekend in Costume: Live from Megacon 2009

Day 2: February 28th

We got up bright & early on Saturday morning to be able to stay at the Convention as long as possible. Today, I was told by many, was to be the busiest day of all, since more people tended to dress up and stay around longer the second day.

The first thing we see when we get inside: A group of Jedi Storm Troopers exiting the escalator on their way into the main hall.

A group of X-Men heroes waits outside the main hall, posing for pictures.

Amanda Cain shows off her home-made Poison Ivy costume.

Ben Paris (right) and Amanda Meadows (left) dress up as Batman & Robin.

Roz Miller shows off her Wonder Woman costume.

Lane Plamondon poses in the Spiderman costume it took him three months to create.

Terry Hollen poses by the family car she and her husband, Oliver, converted into the Delorean from "Back to the Future." All proceeds from photos taken with it - and donations - benefit Team Fox, a Parkinsons' Disease charity.

Kelsey Stinek (left) dresses as the Queen of Hearts, while Makenna Stinek (right) is The Mad Hatter.

Griffin Barker (left) and David Sadler (right) transform themselves into Ghostbusters.

Georgina Driggers plays "Kaylee" from the t.v. show, "Firefly."

Laura Alcover (right) plays Mario while Adam Neudecker (left) dresses up as Luigi from the Mario Bros. game series.

The most popular costumes this year were from Batman. The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Batgirl & The Joker pose for a picture.

Ben Tappan dresses as Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Michelle Haddock dresses as Princess Leia, while John Gozar plays Darth Maul, a villian from the newer Star Wars films.

Brooklyn native Roger Hinson painted himself blue to play "Iceman" from the X-Men series.