A Weekend in Costume: Live from Megacon 2009

Getting Into Character: Catwoman & Lois Lane

Spending a Friday as Catwoman

For my Catwoman costume, I found a pair of tight black leggings and a black turtleneck sweater that would be the base of the outfit. I bought these and my shiny black gloves from Bealls, before heading to the Goodwill thrift store on Central Avenue and US 19 to go shopping for a pair of inexpensive tall leather-looking boots. Finally, I picked up a Catwoman mask from Party City and the costume was complete.

Spending Saturday & Sunday as Lois Lane

For my Lois Lane costume, I scoured the racks at the Goodwill thrift store, finally coming across an old fashioned looking suit that was exactly what I needed. A pair of plain pumps later, and my costume was finished. As a final touch, I had a friend create an official Lois Lane press pass. I figured it would be amusing if Lois Lane went around interviewing people at Megacon, which most people I talked to seemed to get a kick out of.